This web application was built for IE, it does work in Chrome/Firefox but the steps may vary:
IMPORTANT: This must be done within our network. This means that you can not use this password changer from home.

Read these steps below:

  • When prompted, please click 'accept/allow/approve' of the security certificate message.
    • (You may also see 'Show Content')
    • (Firefox:  Add Exception and proceed)
    • (CHROME: you may also have to click Advanced > Proceed *(unsafe)

  • Once you see the 'Authentication Required' box- login with the account that you wish to change, please use the following syntax: DIST428\
    • DO NOT USE: just use your base username. Don't forget the dist428\
  • The next screen should pull your account information in, if not enter in the username using the same syntax as above.
  • Enter in the old password in the old password box.
  • Enter in the new password in both boxes.
  • Congrats! You have changed your password.
    Password Considerations: All District428 members should have a password that is AT LEAST 8 CHARACTERS. Using passwords that have your name/DOB/spouse included are a poor choice. Good passwords use numbers and capitals. Great passwords are phrases;
      • ex. A password of: ilovethetechguys is so strong that it would take 345,000 years to crack with a desktop PC.

    (CHROME: you may also have to click Advanced Proceed *(unsafe)

    Here is an example of what you should see if you have done everything correctly: