Insight One-to-One installation

posted Apr 27, 2015, 10:06 AM by   [ updated May 6, 2015, 8:12 AM ]


  1. Download and run our Insight installer (only works inside district network).
    1. if prompted, click Accept/Run when opening installer
    2. a black box should open and close, once the installer is complete you will see a new icon in your taskbar.
  2. Open insight by double-clicking on the icon in the taskbar.


  • To get started, we need to tie your machine to our ICS. With insight open, click Administer > Preferences.

  • Now go to the Network tab, select Insight Connection Server, and enter in the first field.
  • Go to the Student tab in preferences, make sure these boxes are checked:
  • Click APPLY at the bottom right.

Class Management

  • To setup your class period, click Administer > One to One > Manage Class Lists

  • Under "This class list uses" , select Student Login Name (NOT AD NAME). 
  • Next, click "Browse for Students...

  • Now, in the Filter field, enter the student name or ID#.

  • As you type in the filter area, the list will automatically update. To add the student to your class click the checkbox next to their name. 

    • Continue adding the rest of your students to your class list, when you are done click Add at the bottom.
  • Once your class list is done, click Save

    • Enter your Period/Class name in for the filename. Then click Save.

Load a Class List

  • To load a new period/class list, click Administer > One-to-One > Load Class List
  • From here you can open any previously made list. 


  • I can't find my student in the Class List Manager
    • Make sure your student has accepted the insight user agreement.
    • Make sure the student has network access.
  • I can't find ANY students in the Class List Manager!
    • Double check your insight configuration, make sure you have the Insight Connection Server address entered correctly (