District Tech 2015 Changes

Post date: May 29, 2015 1:46:56 PM


This page should help you understand the changes being made in technology over the summer. Below are links to various tutorials and informational pages to keep staff and students updated on district technology changes.

Q: Is my Y Drive going to be DELETED!!? What is Google Drive? How do I get going on this 'Google Drive' thing? How do I move the items from my Y Drive into Google Drive?

Q: I have a lot of stuff, how much stuff can I put in my Google Drive?

  • To be brief, you have UNLIMITED storage space in Google Drive. That's right folks, UNLIMITED! You could put a megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, exabyte, heck, why not load it with a zettabyte?
  • Read more HERE

Q: I am leaving the district (graduating, retiring, quitting, whatever!). How can I take ALL of my email/google-drive/google-sites/etc with me when I leave?

Q: Someone shared a Google Drive folder with me, how do I add it to my Google Drive?

Q: I like destroying trees, how do I print from my Chromebook?

Q: I want to know more about this whole 'one-to-one' thing... where can I find information on this?

  • We have an entire website setup that will take you through the entire one-to-one journey!
  • Check it out at http://1to1.dist428.org

Q: My computer always says it needs updates to java and stuff, where can I safely update my PC?

  • Take a look at our Software Patch/Upgrade Center!
  • The Software Patch/Upgrade Center is a safe spot for you to get updates to your computer, you can also use these tools on your home computer to stay updated or clean up nasty viruses.... for FREE!

Still confused? Email helpdesk@d428.org !