Get Microsoft Office for Free!

Post date: Jun 3, 2015 2:23:03 PM

How to download Microsoft Office! [Office 365 Tutorial]

    1. Navigate to
    2. Login with your district email address and password.
    3. For most, your login will be be, however some folks may have something like this ( You’ll want to use whatever you login to google apps with.
    1. Click the [Install Now] button.
    1. A download prompt should appear, save the file to your desktop or wherever is convenient for you. In Google Chrome, your download should start immediately.
    2. Once the installer has finished downloading, run the installer by double clicking it.
    1. Office Installer will now begin downloading files, you should see a box that shows you the progress.
    2. You will be prompted multiple times for various office features. The first one should ask you if you want to join the customer improvement program. You can click ‘No Thanks’ then ‘Accept’.
    3. You will also be asked if you want to use personalized features, you can skip those and click Next.
    4. After a few questions, office will continue downloading files. Once complete you will see this:
    5. Your office products will now be in your start menu. Enjoy.