Google Drive App Tutorial - Windows

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 8:24:22 PM


-What does the google drive application do?

-P1 Installation

-P2 Configuration

-P3 How to's

-P4 Transfer YDrive Contents

What is the Google Drive app, and how is it different than Google Drive in my web browser?

The application differs from the web browser version as it will allow you to save files directly from applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc- into your cloud storage. Once the Google Drive application is installed, you can treat it the same way you use the Y Drive. You can also setup google drive to auto-sync other folders on your PC. Read our full Q&A here.

This guide will assume you do not already have google drive installed.

Part 1 - Installation.

If you have google drive installed- skip to Part 2.

  • A window should pop up and begin installing google drive for you automatically.
  • Once the installer completes, you will see a progress of 'Finished'. Click Close.
  • On your desktop you will now see four new icons: Docs | Sheets | Slides | Google Drive.

Part 2 - Configuration.

NOTE: You cannot have both your district google account and personal google account tied to the Google Drive App at the same time like you can on the web browser. We highly recommend only using your district google account on district computers...

  • Now that Google Drive is installed, we need to tie it to your district google apps account!
  • Open Google Drive from the desktop.
  • Click Get Started >
  • Enter your district credentials:
  • Click Sign In
    • (If you have any issues logging in, you either A: Do not have an internet connection. B: Have forgotten your password. C: Incorrect username.)
  • Read the prompt, click Next >
  • Read the prompt, click Next >
  • Read the prompt, click Next >
  • Read the prompt, if you do not need any advanced settings click Done.
    • ADVANCED SETTINGS - For nerds!
      • If you do not want to sync your entire google drive to your PC, you can choose which folders are synchronized by entering Advanced Setup. Click 'Only sync some folders to this computer' and select the folders you wish to keep on your machine.
      • You can change the location of the sync folder in Advanced Setup > Folder Location.
  • Your google drive will now begin syncing files to your machine. Depending on what you already have in your drive, this could take hours

Part 3 - How To..

How to save a file to Google Drive from an application.

  • We will be using Microsoft Word 2010 in this example, but it works the same way throughout all programs.
  • In the example below, I have an important document I need to save.
  • To save it to my Google Drive- click: File > Save As
  • From the left hand navigation, under Favorites select Google Drive
  • Click Save.

How to create a shortcut to a folder in Google Drive on the Desktop.

  • Open up your Google Drive folder.
  • Right click the folder you want to make a shortcut to.
  • Hover your cursor over 'Send to'
  • Select Desktop (create shortcut).

Part 4 - Transfer my Y Drive files to Google Drive

  • First, open your Google Drive folder.
  • Create a new folder, let's name it "Y Drive Backup"
    • To create a new folder, right click in the white space of the folder.
    • Hover your cursor over New, then select Folder.
    • Name the folder Y Drive Backup
  • Now that we have our backup folder made in Google Drive, let's go to our Y Drive.
  • Once you have your Y Drive opened, select all items by:
    • Pressing CTRL and A at the same time (CTRL+A)
    • or.. highlight all files with your mouse cursor.
  • Right click one of the highlighted files, then click COPY.
    • or press CTRL+C
  • Go back to your backup folder in Google Drive.
  • Right click in the backup folder, then click PASTE
    • or press CTRL+V
  • Now your files have been copied to Google Drive!
    • Depending on how many files you had in your Y Drive, it may take up to an hour for the files to sync to the cloud.