Self-Service Password Web Portal


You can only use this portal while on the District network. THIS WILL NOT WORK AT HOME!!!!!!

If you have forgotten your password, please email the Technology Helpdesk!

Read these steps below:

    • Please insert this link in the URL bar:

    • If you have not enrolled, click Enroll

      • Enter your Username, usually firstname.lastname

      • Enter your password

      • Fill out the questions with secure, not easily guessable answers

    • Click Change Password

      • Enter your Username, old password, and new password twice.

      • Staff will be required to change your password every six months. Doing so at the start of the year, winter break, and end of the year are good times to change the password.

      • We recommend using a passphrase. A passphrase is a long, grammatically correct password like "I really love the tech dept!"

        • If you use such a phrase, please email and we will set the password to never expire.

    • If you have forgotten your password and previously enrolled but forgot your password

      • Click on Reset Password

      • Enter your username

      • Answer the security questions

      • Enter new password

    • If you need to reset student passwords

      • Click on Helpdesk/Teacher

      • Authenticate with your username and password

      • Enter the student ID and a new password

        • If you need a password generator, Dinopass is a good one.

Password Considerations:

All District428 members should have a password that is AT LEAST 8 CHARACTERS (1 Number and 1 Capital Letter). Using passwords that have your name/DOB/spouse included are a poor choice. Good passwords use numbers and capitals. Great passwords are phrases;

    • ex. I love Awesome Passwords78 !