Using the New Chromebook Repair Form

Post date: Jan 4, 2017 2:21:31 PM

The old form has a link to the new one, or access it by going to and signing in at the bottom of the page (might have to click a couple of times), then clicking on internal staff only > chromebook repair form.

The new form might look more complicated, but it should be much easier and more accurate than the old one.

  • Select the School
  • Put the cursor in the "Student First Name" field
  • Scan the Chromebooks QR code using the new blue scanner
    • The rest of the Fields should be filled in automatically
    • If a QR code is not available, please enter at least the Student's name and ID
  • Select the problem(s)
    • NEW Option to check if the student for sure should be charged for repair
    • NEW Option to check if the student is leaving or otherwise returning the CB for good
  • Enter Loaner number if needed
  • Click submit

That's it! If you would like a slightly more in depth walkthrough click here for a video guide.